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girl on guy is a show about art, culture, booze, comedy, family, physical injuries, psychological bruises, action movies, rock music, ninjas, zombies, failure, success, sacrifice, video games, and blowing shit up.

it includes the weekly installment of self-inflicted wounds, the end of show apologia, a few big ideas and a surfeit of curse words.

thanks for coming. i’m stoked you’re here.

2011 iTunes best new comedy podcast

2012 stitcher award nominee

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girl on guy 150: russell peters
— big in japan

July 29, 2014

” I never got into it to be rich. Had I still been on the road in Canada, working every weekend, to me that would have been successful. my motivation was never dollars. it was just the love of making people laugh.”

join russell peters and aisha as they kick off the show talking about mature internet porn. things go downhilll from there. plus russell has so many self-inflicted wounds stories we can’t fit them all in.

this is the explosive finale of season three of girl on guy. don’t spend it all in one place.

girl on guy is going to miss you while it’s gone.

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girl on guy bonus ep x29: orlando jones
— mad busy

August 2, 2014

“I have a daughter, and she was going to have a legacy left to her of words I didn’t say. that was the thing that bugged me. there are people that think they know me. they don’t know me. [they] know a character I play.”

somewhat live from san diego, aisha and orlando push through exhaustion, hunger, dehydration, and general not giving a fuckness to bring you the first missive from this year’s superlative comic-con.

girl on guy says there will be low blood sugar.

tech notes

many listeners have asked about the tech setup for the podcast. girl on guy is recorded on shure dynamic cardioid microphones run through standard XLR cabling and a splitter combiner into a XLR adapter cable for the iphone. you can learn more about how to record to iOS devices here. this information is just that, informational, and is not intended nor does it constitute an endorsement of any of these products, services, websites or people. period.

seriously. dude, that shit is on you.

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