girl on guy premium episode x32: yvette nicole brown

girl on guy premium episode x32: yvette nicole brown
— community leader

December 17, 2014

“I’m just yvette from east cleveland. I’m always going to be yvette from east cleveland.”

join yvette nicole brown and aisha as they chat through community, the walking dead, being a superfan, overwhelming gratitude, and falling into magic. plus yvette admonishes you not to be an *sshole. and she is one hundred percent right.

girl on guy is the ghost of christmas not an *sshole.

girl on guy premium episode x31: jeff garlin
— highly enthusiastic

November 19, 2014

“I don’t believe the hype. I’m very much in the moment, enjoying myself. ”

join the goldbergs’ jeff garlin and aisha as they discuss the delightfulness of comedy, working the clubs, escaping marriage, internet criticism, testing DNA, committing to the bit, the fallibility of memory, and dealing with Larry David.

plus Jeff and Aisha go to Vegas. Mayhem ensues.

girl on guy premium ep x30: michael kelly
— stealth bomber

October 31, 2014

“doug stamper makes complete sense to me. the things that he did? it all makes sense. he’s doing his job, and he’s willing to bend and break rules to do it.”

join michael kelly of house of cards and a million other awesome things and aisha as they charge through set madness, the joys of the apocalypse, working with clint, bringing your a-game, addictive focus, keeping out the new dogs, living with chicken bone and climbing everest.

plus michael kelly is batman. for one delirious weekend.

girl on guy is dying for a smoke.

girl on guy bonus ep x29: orlando jones
— mad busy

August 2, 2014

“I have a daughter, and she was going to have a legacy left to her of words I didn’t say. that was the thing that bugged me. there are people that think they know me. they don’t know me. [they] know a character I play.”

somewhat live from san diego, aisha and orlando push through exhaustion, hunger, dehydration, and general not giving a fuckness to bring you the first missive from this year’s superlative comic-con.

girl on guy says there will be low blood sugar.

bonus ep x28: david cross
— ballsy southern gentleman

July 1, 2014

“I think about the things that shaped me. one being my shitty dad, two being jewish, three being poor, and four being those things in the south. and I think the thing that shaped me more than anything is being poor.”

join david cross and aisha as they stride through surviving georgia, growing up poor, hating los angeles, being evicted, digital watches, masturbation sandwiches, fighting writer’s block, everybody thinking you’re a dick, and rich people problems. plus david gets himself thrown out of a bar in spectacular fashion.

girl on guy thinks it’s a little early in the relationship for full frontal.

girl on guy bonus ep x27: dan harmon
— rueful mastermind

May 23, 2014

i’m not jesus christ. i’m not the coen brothers. i have no right to take myself seriously. i just want to make people happy and earn a paycheck not having to lift a box… so to answer your self-loathing question, are you fucking kidding me? I definitely hate myself.”

join community creator dan harmon and aisha as they wade through dan’s complex brain and try to sketch out the tangled story circle that is his very own life… and then  do a little day drinking.

girl on guy just left you a voicemail message.

girl on guy bonus ep x26: rick fox, resurgent
— beastly saint

April 17, 2014

“I was a nightmare. I did my hefty share of breaking things. I was in that breaking mode of everything. I burned it to the ground. And then I built it back up.”

this is the conclusion of an epic two-part conversation with three-time nba champion forward rick fox. in it, aisha asks rick about the secret lives of professional athletes. the exchange that follows is not to be missed.

learn everything you ever wanted to know about pro ballers, and some things you wish you hadn’t.

girl on guy is in phoenix mode.

girl on guy bonus ep x25: colin mochrie
— canadian velvet comedy hammer

March 25, 2014

join improv legend colin mochrie and and aisha as they vamp through canadian ambivalence, canadian toughs, gargling with disdain, freezing to death in edmonton, improvisational trust, resisting success, forbidden love, and flunking out of whose line. plus colin celebrates his wood jubilee, and terrifies himself in the process.

girl on guy is scared witless.

girl on guy bonus ep x24: megan mullally
— partying down

February 14, 2014

join megan mullally and aisha as they dissect being a slave to your computer, the floral scent of rest,  survivor as an acting exercise, playing with elves and varies, the sartorial influence of bozo the clown, romance-driven murder, christian back tattoos, being paralyzed by fear, trying to save baby cats, robbing will and grace, and being curious about your vagina. plus megan gets smashed and is betrayed by a long skirt and a midol.

girl on guy will retain its composure.

girl on guy bonus ep x23: laila ali
— champion in her own right

January 18, 2014

join undefeated super middleweight champion of the world laila ali and aisha as they punch through growing up with the champ, having an iconic name, leaving islam, rejecting your legacy, escaping malibu, battling dad, enduring neglect, raising yourself, sparring with men, stepping into an evil space, being in control, and never repeating the same mistakes twice. plus laila has a few choice words for haters. girl on guy is about to get rope-a-doped.
Laila Ali of the US holds her belts afte

bonus ep x22: larry king
— broadcast legend

December 18, 2013

join legendary talk show host larry king and aisha as they discuss seeing the writing on the wall, figuring out the internet, pounding the pavement, putting the audience in your shoes, the power of honesty, chasing the fox, and the origin of those iconic suspenders. plus larry gets face time with sinatra, and leaves all sticky.

girl on guy is getting off the porch.

bonus ep x21: tom rhodes
— global comedy rebel

November 20, 2013

join comedian tom rhodes and aisha as they discuss growing baby comics, touring the south, san francisco’s murderers’ row, shitting in all four corners, sweaty nervous powders, living like a dog, living like a king, missing out on the dalai lama, enraged cycling, and becoming dutch. plus aisha has a terrible memory and dan meets a magical gnome.

girl on guy owes you a gentle forehead kiss.

bonus ep x20: director ernest dickerson
— cinematic mastermind

October 31, 2013

join director ernest dickerson and aisha as they slice through drawing movies, urban myths, pulling all nighters, medical horrors, meeting john sayles, rainy days on the film set, why first days are the hardest, protecting your film, creative desperation, zombie creation, and why every film is terrifying. plus ernest gets lucky in dc, and aisha is mentally scarred for life by a certain japanese film.

girl on guy is moving to our nation’s capital.

bonus ep x19: tom green
— master of confusion

September 29, 2013

join canuck comedy commando tom green and aisha as they skate through military parenting tactics, the war of far northern aggression, organized rhyme, getting drunk in quebec, canadian strippers, fame’s wreck effects, perceived insanity, near-death experiences, the oppressive weight of guilt, rejecting regret, and boozing your way off the apprentice. plus tom wants you to know his junk is just fine, thank you very much.

girl on guy got fingered.

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bonus episode x18: serj tankian
— post-renaissance man

July 26, 2013

join serj tankian of system of a down and aisha as they sift through difficult beginnings, the armenian genocide, how culture influences art, destroying something you built, being specifically unspecific, the pressure to break apart, rejecting expectations, the cage of success, and staying creatively fresh. plus serj composes sweeping symphonies, while aisha plays chopsticks with her clumsy fists.

girl on guy left the keys upon the table.

bonus episode x17: tim ferriss
— professional masochist

June 13, 2013

join relentless lifehacker and superhuman-in-progress tim ferriss and aisha as they slice through the pursuit of excellence, accelerated learning, diminishing returns, results addiction, the peculiarity of the ivy league, intellectual intimidation, creating evangelists, field dressing, and being ready. plus tim narrowly escapes a grizzly mauling, and aisha really wants a spider hole.

girl on guy is ready for the shit to hit the fan.

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bonus episode x16: franklin leonard
— list maker, rule breaker, level one film mage

May 13, 2013

join black list creator franklin leonard and aisha as they page through forgiveness versus permission, why fear rules in hollywood, the failing defensive strategy, why battleship sucked, applying nerdery to art, the heartbreak of politics, the power of assistants, having a stiffy for nate silver, and being the black jonah hill. plus, franklin’s superpower is imperviousness to rum. hooray!

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bonus episode x15: daniel dae kim
— rock star castaway

March 24, 2013

join daniel dae kim and aisha as they surf through getting lost, stumping the school bigot, frustrating your parents, living in a john hughes movie, the power of no, taking your time, living up to your hype, and surpassing it. plus, for daniel, life really imitates art, and aisha drops one million names. SPOILER ALERT! this show is crazy inside baseball about lost. if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve got a lot of tv to power through. girl on guy really prefers living together to dying alone.

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bonus episode x14: chef curtis stone
— international surfing michelin-starred food maelstrom

February 13, 2013

join top chef masters host chef curtis stone and aisha as they slice through the misery of peeling onions, the appeal of the footie club, the buddha of food, surfing the menu, starving in the kitchen, the difficulty of simplicity, the terrible nexus between food and nudity, and knowing the answer to your own question. plus curtis takes a terribly wrong turn, and aisha eggs him on. girl on guy is a steaming hot bowl of awesome.

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bonus episode x13: will sasso
— stooge, mad sketch artist, wrestling champion of the world

January 21, 2013

join mad stooge will sasso and aisha as they discuss hogan porn, internet horrors, treehouse hijinks, the power of comedy, seeing your dad naked, fort construction, and backstage madness at mad tv. plus will heartlessly crushes others’ dreams, and aisha imagines a very disturbing wrestling match. girl on guy is the king.

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bonus episode x12: reggie watts
— improvisational impresario, shit stacker

December 21, 2012

join musicological madman reggie watts and aisha as they sample the language of love, competitive acting, orchestral feuds, battling salieri, writing for girls, eating technology, selling out vs. selling in, and bathing in popcorn. plus reggie makes an art threat, then undergoes a were transformation. girl on guy is a wolf like me.

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bonus episode x11: wyatt cenac
— daily show comedy person

November 22, 2012

join the daily show’s wyatt cenac and aisha on a marathon run through audience threats, comedy surfing, the Grenadian invasion, superhero fascination, cowboy gangs, racial sports metaphors, crotch violence, stalking SNL, hitting rock bottom, finding your voice and paying shit forward. plus wyatt shops for a dank basement and two black people talk about basketball. girl on guy is caught in a crossfire horrorcane.

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bonus episode x10: lemmy kilmister
— emperor of loud

October 1, 2012

join lemmy kilmister of motorhead and aisha for a jack and coke as they rip through the foul vocal, making noises in E, selective drug use, the tour as battleground, death and comedy at the gates of moria, rejecting remorse, fearing the balrog, and earning the f*cking stage. plus lemmy gets electrocuted, and has some choice words for pretty much everyone. girl on guy wants everything louder than everything else.

bonus episode x9: archer commentary
— enhancement of enrampagement

July 18, 2012

archer creator adam reed and aisha sit down for a special commentary track of archer fan favorite episode “placebo effect,” otherwise known as “terms of enrampagement.”

this is commentary unavailable online, the season 2 dvd, or anywhere else. get the archer episode, get this special podcast episode, and smash them together to make some happy.

bonue episode x8: rob riggle
— midwestern comic juggernaut

June 8, 2012

join comedy juggernaut rob riggle and aisha as they discuss watching the throne, the kansas-missouri east-west beef, the panty-dropping pilot’s license, becoming a marine, putting your junk in your hat and your puke in your pocket, showing up at ground zero, and throwing it all away to become a comedian. plus rob terrorizes college kids, then enrages the police. simultaneously. stand back. girl on guy is about to get riggled. this is an exclusive episode available only to girl on guy premium subscribers.

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bonus episode x7: michael k. williams
— heroic anti-hero, local boy made good

May 4, 2012

join acting powerhouse michael k williams and aisha as they mow through surviving childhood, dreaming huge, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, willing the phone to ring, learning to be gangster, going rags to riches to rags again, getting tapped by scorcese, and arriving right back where you started. plus michael follows the devil down into the hole, then fights his way back out again. girl on guy is coming for you. this episode brought to you in part by amazon. visit to shop and support girl on guy, and for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

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bonus episode x6: walton goggins
— southern gentleman rogue

March 29, 2012

join gentleman villain walton goggins and aisha as they chew on the allure of a country childhood, the ring of fine china, the perils of fake ids, spinning mad records, eccentric southern characters, the difficulty of macking upwards, and a dude named bebop. plus, mexico cripples walton, and walton gets his revenge. girl on guy is going to do this in one take.

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bonus episode x5: drew carey
— chairman of the board

March 22, 2012

join comedy legend drew carey and aisha as they discuss growing up poor, being a jarhead, the darkness that was life before cell phones, losing the tonight show, the price is right, the bleakness of comedy failure, and the beauty of a dick joke. plus, aisha covets everything in drew’s house, and drew agrees, his stuff is awesome. girl on guy… come on down!!!

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bonus episode x4: dave eggers
— pulitzer nominee, reluctant revolutionary

January 15, 2012

pulitzer prize-nominated author and philanthropist dave eggers and aisha discuss corn whiskey, friendly intimidation, skateboarding’s role in the creative process, the burden of technology, heavenly rewards, and finding your wild things. plus, aisha tries to impress dave. dave gamely feigns impression. girl on guy. you shall know our velocity. visit for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

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bonus episode x3: james tyler
— my dad

December 25, 2011

ever wonder how I got this way? find out when i sit down with my dad to discuss everything we love: motorcycles, fast cars, action movies, meat, cracking people up, curse words and street fighting. plus, my dad tells me what it was like to raise me, and it isn’t pretty. it’s a special holiday episode of girl on guy that, like much of what happens in december, i am sure to regret. girl on guy. we’re keeping the m*thaf*cking yuletide bright. visit to see special photos that accompany this episode, and for all of your girl on guy podcast needs.

bonus episode x2: henry rollins
— punk rock meteor, spoken word soldier

November 26, 2011

punk rock legend henry rollins and aisha rant about having nothing to lose, the genius of constant creation, being a nonviolent assbreaker, self-hatred, audience contempt, the power of fear, and escaping a punk band with your life. plus, aisha uses big words to impress henry, and henry is not impressed. girl on guy. don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.

bonus episode x1: lance winters
— boozy mad scientist

October 13, 2011

join st. george spirits master distiller lance winters and aisha for a sloshy afternoon bender as they rant about the art of homebrewing, the importance of laying a base, wife-swapping, panty-dropping and the righteous power of the cocktail hour. plus lance gets a bleeding head wound and aisha insults the swedish. this is bonus content available only to girl on guy app users. that means you. you rock. visit for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

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girl on guy 01: jon benjamin
— honeyed tones, granite stones

July 26, 2011

jon benjamin has a powerful and sultry voice that demands both your fealty and payments of tribute, or at the very least, copious laughter. with three television shows on the air, including archer, which kicks off season 3 with special episodes starting september 15, you’ll be hearing more and more of it, starting with an hour of dusky hilarity on this very first episode of girl on guy.

freshly back from screening the first episode of Archer season 3 at the infamous comic-con-slash-swirling-fan-scrum in san diego, jon and i discuss the joys of free booze, the lameness of industry parties, the abjection of standup comedy and… wait for it… the ne plus ultra of crappy airplane food. plus, the explosive inaugural installation of self-inflicted wounds — one that sets the bar for all to follow.

girl on guy 01 is now an exclusive episode
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