girl on guy 150: russell peters

girl on guy 150: russell peters
— big in japan

July 29, 2014

” I never got into it to be rich. Had I still been on the road in Canada, working every weekend, to me that would have been successful. my motivation was never dollars. it was just the love of making people laugh.” join russell peters and aisha as they kick off the show talking about More

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girl on guy 149: jenna ushkowitz
— gleeful

July 22, 2014

“I was catholic but people [would] call me the asian jew… it became a staple.” join glee’s jenna ushkowitz and aisha as they talk about being bougie, pretend friendships, confusing people, bailing on auditions, achieving above your dream level, deconstructing fame, and that dazzling last name. plus jenna and aisha go to a charity event More

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girl on guy 148: wil wheaton
— lovable nemesis

July 15, 2014

“my thing is to play the guy you love to hate. my job is to offset the hero… that’s just the guy I am meant to be. the villain is the hero of his or her own story.” join wil wheaton and aisha as they warp through fishy mouth porn, the undisclosed location of greg kinnear, More

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girl on guy 147: adam rodriguez
— straight outta yonkers

July 8, 2014

“you really have to make a choice. at some point you have to own up to what your life has been and you either choose to make it more than what it’s been or you wallow in where you’re at.” join adam rodriguez and aisha as they dance through sympathy versus empathy, being at the More

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girl on guy 146: bert kreischer
— coming in hot

July 1, 2014

“you can’t offend me. being offended is the action of a powerless person.” join bert kreischer and aisha as they giggle through coming in hot, having a fragrant liver, losing your creative way, trying to be kind, hate mail from drunks, pooping blood, potty mouthed kids, meditating on race, and becoming vulnerable. plus bert touches More

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girl on guy 145: tj miller
— golden boat captain

June 24, 2014

“we all think we’re better than average attractive, and we all also think we’re more than average intelligent — just above average at least. And that can’t be true.” join silicon valley’s digital pimp tj miller and aisha as they cocktail through false altruism, crippling insecurity, embracing inadequacy, sleepless nights, the power of industry, pushing More

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girl on guy 144: dan hay
— executive producer, far cry 4

June 17, 2014

“if you get them pissed off, you get them thinking — you get them emotional — you still got ‘em.” join far cry 4 executive producer dan hay and aisha as they debrief E3 2014, drink stout, and wastrel their way through the world of video game development. there is beer. there is laughter. there More

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girl on guy 143: carlos ferro
— digital badass

June 11, 2014

in honor of E3 week this episode is with actor carlos ferro, who plays dominic santiago in the juggernaut franchise gears of war (in addition to lots of other things). he is a dj, a theater-trained actor, a collector and a wild-eyed cat lover. we talk about all things videogame, and all things everything else. More

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girl on guy 142: sara gilbert
— nature breaker

June 3, 2014

“I was so sure that it’s what I was supposed to do and I was actually annoyed when people would tell me my sister was famous, because I’d be like, ‘I’m famous too, you just don’t know it yet’.” join sara gilbert and aisha as they chat through being born into showbiz, sitting at the More

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girl on guy 141: blaine capatch
— slender but deadly

May 27, 2014

“I was on stage and this one girl was pointing and laughing and she goes “your fly is open.” and I looked down and my fly was open. and I zipped it up without even turning around and said, “could tonight get any better?” and two people maybe laughed… and then noise from the kitchen.” More

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girl on guy 140: carol leifer
— easy hang

May 20, 2014

“a lot of my male comedian friends call me mommy, like ronald reagan calling nancy reagan mommy. I don’t know how it happened.” join comedian, writer and letterman vet carol leifer and aisha as they discuss how to break hecklers, keeping the bus on the road, pitching absolutely everything, the power of social interaction, and More

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girl on guy 139: paris barclay
— groundbreaker. barrier breaker. rulebreaker.

May 13, 2014

“the way that I conquer fear is I don’t conquer it . I never conquer it. It doesn’t go away. I just keep walking. I just keep doing what I’m supposed to do until I realize I’m not afraid anymore.” join sons of anarchy director and director’s guild of america president paris barclay and aisha More

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girl on guy 138: tig notaro
— inimitable. indefatigable.

May 6, 2014

“i did not think i had cancer. i’m relatively young and healthy, as embarrassing as it is to say, i thought because my chest is so small, i was like, I don’t have cancer. I wasn’t scared… not to spoil the ending, but I had cancer.” join tig notaro and aisha as they wade through More

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girl on guy 137: malik yoba
— undercover brother

April 29, 2014

“i ended up getting shot in the middle of the street. it was a quarter of an inch away from me being a quadriplegic, and a half inch away from me being dead.” join malik yoba and aisha as they power through the origins of yoba, becoming nature boy, knowing your future, divine ambition, continuous More

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girl on guy 136: charles michael davis
— completely original

April 22, 2014

“failure should affect you. it should bring you as much pain as possible.” join the originals’ charles michael davis and aisha as they sprint through conquering fear, embracing failure, finding yourself, taking a vision quest, maintaining your solitude, freedom above all and the consequences of hydration. plus charles throws everything away, and it all comes More

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girl on guy 135: rick fox
— saintly beast

April 15, 2014

“I knew what I had to do. I knew I could do it. I don’t know where the belief came from. I got to the airport and my mom and my brother and sisters were there, and they were crying and I was just smiling on the inside — I am getting off this island, More

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girl on guy 134: ryan stiles
— charming curmudgeon

April 8, 2014

“i would open for sheena easton at the queen elizabeth theater, and the next night I’d be at the drake strip club hosting for the strippers. I had to do a half-hour, and then I had to windex the pole.” join ryan stiles of whose line is it anyway and aisha as they muddle through More

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girl on guy 133: jake johannsen
— jake this

April 1, 2014

“integrity is great. but you know what? shut up about it.” join jake johannsen and aisha as they push through being a control freak, the curse of early success, intimidation in a small town, making a living in obscurity, the poetic wisdom of rocky balboa, self-deprecating party music, the difference between dude junk and lady More

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girl on guy 132: john cho
— intergalactic planetary

March 25, 2014

john cho is hilarious, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be contemplative. despite being a blunt-smoking, cheetah-riding, intergalactic badass on the big screen, in real life john is a dad, and being a father has made him thoughtful and introspective. being one of just a handful of prominent asian actors can be both elating and More

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girl on guy 131: the late late show’s bob oschack
— misunderstood dabbler

March 18, 2014

i have known bob oschack for years. he is one of the most thoughtful and meticulous writers i know, and a blast in a writer’s room. so much fun, in fact, that I hired him to write on a television pilot i developed years ago. bob is a standup, and a funny one, but he More

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girl on guy 130: comedian dave anthony
— still walking the room

March 11, 2014

dave anthony was furious. for years, that rage fueled his comedy. it infused everything he did: his family, his art, his relationships, his career. it was the fire and the engine that drove them all forward. and ultimately, burned them all down. after every bridge was cinders and ash, and dave had run out of More

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girl on guy 129: paul gilmartin
— free from the jaws of the beast

March 4, 2014

paul gilmartin is honest. remarkably so. honest about his drinking. honest about his struggle with depression. honest about his bouts of suicidal ideation. and you would think, considering the subject matter, that paul would be kind of a bummer to be around. miraculously, he isn’t. paul is a comedian, a man who made his living making More

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girl on guy 128: scott foley
— out of the hole and back on top

February 25, 2014

you know scott foley. you have known him for years. he has been on so many of your favorite shows that you have lost count. even now, despite yourself, you love scott foley. his recent, explosive resurgence on tv’s juggernaut scandal notwithstanding, scott foley has been a huge television star for a long, long time. but More

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girl on guy 127: mehcad brooks
— more than just eggs

February 19, 2014

mehcad brooks is not just a pretty face. in fact, at one point in his life, he wasn’t a pretty face at all. born premature, mehcad developed slowly and late. he was tiny, smaller than all the other kids his age. he needed braces to walk. doctors told him he would always struggle to get More

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girl on guy 126: andrew rannells
— hello!!!

February 11, 2014

andrew rannells is a great storyteller. though somehow it feels like he shouldn’t be. he’s too sweet. too genuine. too, well, midwestern. but despite his wholesome ruddy-faced omaha roots, andrew spits hot fire. he’s acerbic, quick-witted, dryly sarcastic, and unflinchingly barbed. and he’s never more dry or barbed than when he’s talking about himself. andrew’s story More

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girl on guy 125: misha collins
— fallen angel

February 4, 2014

misha collins is a smart fella. artsy. thoughtful. a poet. articulate. reflective. he even reads n’ shit. too bad (for him, not for us) he is also a major heartthrob on the cw hit supernatural, a testosterone-fueled series about demon hunters that most people would dismiss as that show with the hot guys on that More

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girl on guy 124: constance zimmer
— reluctant cable darling

January 28, 2014

constance zimmer is a rarity in hollywood; a working actress who really works. a lot. constance zimmer has been on what seems like every tv show ever. yes, that is an exaggeration. however, a cursory view of her imdb page reveals that she has done more shows than i can remember. more shows than i More

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girl on guy 123: jason somerville
— poker phenom uncaged

January 22, 2014

all his life, jason somerville has wanted to be the best. incredibly competitive, relentlessly one-pointed, blindingly driven, he became one of the youngest online poker earners, turning a “free” five dollars in to $100,000 before he was eighteen years old. jason has gone after everything he has wanted with a focus and intensity so hot, More

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girl on guy 122: harold perrineau
— real life operator

January 15, 2014

romeo and juliet. oz. lost. matrix. sons of anarchy. best man holiday. zero dark thirty. harold perrineau has done all of the awesome things. you have seen him in something you have loved, and more likely, in all of the things you have loved. a dancer, a shakespearean actor, a singer, a violinist — harold is More

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girl on guy 121: rob corddry
— mind like water

January 7, 2014

rob corddry is hilarious. he is funny, smart and quick. and most of all, he is nice. he loves imaginary grapes and hockey fight porn. he is a terrible neighbor. rob corddry has a mind like water. rob corddry is at inbox zero. you love rob corddry. you do not know why, but you do. More

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girl on guy 120: the second annual awesome listener question show
— querypocalypse II

December 31, 2013

back by popular demand, it’s the second annual awesome listener question show! i answer your burning questions, read your letters, give shaky advice, dole out admonishments, and round up the year with a bang. it’s uncensored, it’s supersized, and it’s all yours. happy new year!

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girl on guy 119: adam shankman
— dance machine

December 24, 2013

adam shankman is a hustler. in the best sense possible. he is ambitious and hardworking. motivated. driven. adam makes, and exploits, his own luck. when opportunities present, adam jumps in, doubts and the devil and a lack of previous experience be utterly and completely damned. it is that jet-fueled work ethic that took adam from dancer, More

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girl on guy 118: kii arens
— rock n' roll kid

December 17, 2013

ever since he was a kid, kii arens was obsessed with fonts. maybe it was the icy midwestern childhood. maybe it was that he was a stringy little thing that everyone called “bird”. whatever the reason he loved fonts. he was an odd little kid. kii also loved rock and roll. undaunted and passionate, kii More

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girl on guy 117: dan savage
— american savage

December 10, 2013

Dan Savage does not care what you think. He is not concerned with social mores, cultural propriety, or the delicate rules of polite conversation. Dan Savage is here to tell the truth. The truth about sex, homophobia, bullying and matrimony. About religion and parenting and infidelity and fetishism and blow jobs. Yes, the truth about More

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girl on guy 116: owen benjamin
— 6'7" passionate male seeks woman with tomatoes

December 3, 2013

owen benjamin isn’t afraid to have feelings. he grew up the freakishly tall, piano-playing son of weird, artsy professorial parents in a small, parochial town. fat, weird, nerdy, musical — owen was such a target of bullies that he once got shot in the eye by asshole kids. even the injury became the target of More

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girl on guy 115: cheyenne jackson
— small town boy made new

November 26, 2013

cheyenne jackson is born again. but not in the way that you think. raised in a deeply conservative, evangelical family, cheyenne lived a childhood in shadows. he grew up in a small town, where everyone knew each other, in a fundamentalist family where interaction with the outside world was limited and controlled. extremely tall and More

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girl on guy 114: matt mira
— four eyes and a bearded trekkie

November 19, 2013

you can’t help but like matt mira. he knows more about computers than you. he knows more about podcasting than you. he knows way more about star trek than you. somehow, all that makes him a delight. a fixture on chris hardwick’s nerdist podcast since its inception, matt is quick, funny, opinionated, knowledgeable, and as More

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girl on guy 113: dan bucatinsky
— television gladiator

November 12, 2013

dan bucatinsky is having a moment. it may feel like an overnight moment, like a just been discovered moment, like a where’d this guy come from and aren’t we so smart for finding him kind of moment. but this moment has been a long time coming. dan has been doing brilliant, surprising, delightful work for More

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girl on guy 112: david wain
— cocksure somnolent prolific funny man

November 5, 2013

david wain is a big time fancy pants movie director. he’ll deny this, but it’s true. also true: david was a member of the supernova 90s sketch group the state, and went on to co-found the dark fringe sketch group stella,  direct wet hot american summer and the ten, write and direct adult swim’s children’s hospital, More

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girl on guy 111: gabrielle reece
— badass fox in the middle

October 29, 2013

gabby reece has always stood out. the only tall girl. the only blond girl. the unsaved girl at the christian school, the white girl on the island, the big girl in the middle. she’s always known what it was like to feel different, to wish you could blend in, match, disappear. but the other side More

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girl on guy 110: nick kroll
— live from la podfest

October 22, 2013

nick kroll is hilarious. that is all you need know about that. he is on an FX show called the league, and a comedy central show called kroll show (née the nick show kroll, which is a delightful mouthful, hilarious, and confusing besides, much like nick.) he has been on a lot of other tv More

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girl on guy 109: greg grunberg
— big ass tv star, super nice hero guy

October 15, 2013

greg grunberg is that guy. you don’t know how you know him, but you know you know him. you haven’t just seen him in something, you’ve seen him in everything. a litany of hit prime-time shows. countless commercials. jj abrams blockbusters. playing guitar in that band from tv. he’s a hero, a g-man, a roommate, a More

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girl on guy 108: jared padalecki 2
— the padaleckalypse

October 8, 2013

jared padalecki first appeared on girl on guy for a truncated, beer fueled, yet thoroughly enjoyable conversation back on episode 62. and somehow, much like the T2000, aisha knew he’d eventually be back. so for the first annual girl on guy listener appreciation event at comic-con 2013, aisha invited jared to return for another confab — More

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girl on guy 107: greg miller
— game over, greggy

October 1, 2013

greg miller peaked early. his entire life he only wanted to do one thing: write about video games. he knew it from the time he was a kid, and once he pointed his rocket in that direction, greg never wavered. he went to journalism school. endured the suspicion of classmates and the derision of colleagues. More

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girl on guy 106: josh radnor
— actor, director, kindness jedi

September 24, 2013

in a world that seems alternately deeply ambivalent and wildly unhinged, josh radnor has made a radical decision. josh has chosen to focus on happiness. you might think he’d have enough in his life to make him plenty happy. one of the biggest hit comedies ever. a burgeoning career as a director. international fame, and the More

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girl on guy 105: jack osbourne
— rock royalty, adrenaline junkie

September 16, 2013

rock royalty. adrenaline junkie. recovering addict. enfant terrible. husband. father. producer. film maker. clean and sober. completely misunderstood. jack osbourne has seen more, done more, lived through more and survived more than most of us could imagine in even our wildest rock-fueled fantasies. and somehow he’s managed to step out from the bullet train ride More

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girl on guy season 3 starts september 17
— gone zombie huntin'

August 6, 2013

girl on guy is on hiatus until september 17 so aisha can climb trees, wrestle puppies, eat ice cream, punch druids, and make a hammock out of the delicate hairs plucked from the necks of hummingbirds. oh, and also drink beer and play videogames and sleep and stuff. in the meantime, get her new book ‘self-inflicted More

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girl on guy 104: levar burton
— intergalactic groundbreaker

July 30, 2013

levar burton was going to be a priest, because he wanted to make an impact. proof of his own philosophy that you have to be flexible and open to what’s in front of you, he eventually decided to leave seminary school to explore acting. and while studying theater at USC, he went on his very More

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girl on guy 103: chali 2na of jurassic 5
— fish out of water

July 25, 2013

chali 2na is always swimming. he holds the unique advantage of being a part of not one, but two seminal hip-hop groups that burst onto the scene in los angeles in the late 90s: ozomatli, a delirium-making mashup of latin influenced hip-hop and rock and roll, and jurassic 5, a unified team of mcs joined More

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girl on guy 102: kumail nanjiani
— indoor kid

July 18, 2013

kumail nanjiani is the most all-american guy ever. went to college in iowa. loves video games. tweets incessantly. married a nice redheaded southern girl. can’t get his printer to work. but kumail was born and raised in pakistan. he didn’t come to the united states until he was 18 years old. kumail was raised in More

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girl on guy 101: chris rock
— monster of rock

July 10, 2013

this is girl on guy 101. the guest is chris rock. that is all.

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girl on guy 100: jeri ryan
— brilliant intergalactic fox

July 3, 2013

jeri ryan has absolutely no right to be as nice as she is. jeri is tall. talented. smart. accomplished. driven. drop dead gorgeous. and has been on more hot tv shows than can be listed here. by all metrics, she should be impossible to be around. instead, jeri is shockingly lovely. quick to laugh, at More

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girl on guy 99: chef edward lee
— bourbon-loving southern gentleman

June 26, 2013

chef edward lee’s story is a classic american one. the son of hardworking immigrants. raised in brooklyn. on the grind his entire life. worked his way through school while pulling long hours in the kitchen of the family diner. and then finally, after college, realized that his parents’ dream, the one of him becoming a More

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girl on guy 98: comedian michael kosta
— comedy pro

June 18, 2013

michael kosta didn’t know it, but he’d been training to be a comedian his entire life. he thought he was going to be a professional tennis player. and he actually became one. from the time he held his first racket as a toddler, he spent long grueling hours training on the court, and innumerably bleak More

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girl on guy 97: joe manganiello
— alpha dog

June 11, 2013

joe manganiello isn’t at all what you think. he may seem like a golden boy, tall and yoked, insanely fit and unnaturally good looking. the kind of easygoing, charming human magnet that guys want to be around and women want to be on top of. or under. or wherever. but joe is a worker, driven More

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girl on guy 96: ty pennington
— dream builder; one man wrecking crew

June 5, 2013

ty pennington can’t sit still. from the very start, he was a wiggly toddler. a fidgety kid. a spazzy teen. an agitated adult. ty had a lot of surplus energy. a lot. more than he knew what to do with. he put that energy into everything he could. comic books. sports. setting fires. art. building. More

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this is NOT girl on guy 96: henry rollins (aisha has a cold)
— reluctant punk rock royalty

May 28, 2013

aisha’s head has been invaded by billions of tiny biota and she was too sick to record an episode this week. so! enjoy this premium conversation with the wild-eyed and brilliant prince of punk rock, henry rollins. try not to get hit as henry rollins and aisha rant about having nothing to lose, the genius of More

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girl on guy 95: marcus samuelsson
— culinary powerhouse

May 21, 2013

marcus samuelsson’s life, by his own account, has been like a dream. born in ethiopia, adopted by a swedish family at three, he arrived in northern sweden as if waking from a reverie. he grew up eating, and later making, his adoptive grandmother’s nordic specialties in an industrial port town in the frigid north. meatballs. More

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girl on guy 94: matt walsh
— upright citizen brigadier and gentleman gingernut

May 13, 2013

matt walsh is a fabulist. he likes to make stuff up. so much so that he became a professional improv artist so he could make stuff up for a living. first he and his friends made up funny stuff, then they made up a comedy troupe, and then they made the troupe they made up More

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girl on guy 93: rob delaney
— twitter joke ninja

May 8, 2013

rob delaney is smarter than you, because rob delaney has figured out what twitter is for. twitter is not for communicating with your friends or excoriating your enemies. twitter is not for baby videos, pictures of your pedestrian breakfast, your dirty bathroom mirror selfie, or your endless lolcats and star trek memes. twitter is for jokes. More

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girl on guy 92: carlton cuse
— international mind of mystery

April 30, 2013

carlton cuse’s mom wanted him to be a doctor. and he could have been, but for a small technicality. blood made him faint. it’s not like he didn’t have the goods. carlton cuse was a smart kid. boarding school in new england. studied at harvard. he was smart and offbeat and highly motivated. he could More

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girl on guy 91: oscar nuñez
— hilarious sexy latin bastard

April 23, 2013

oscar nuñez doesn’t give a shit. he came to make a bang. oscar’s family escaped the cuban revolution when he was just a child, first to south america and then to boston. they gave up everything they had — home, career, property — to make a better life for their children. as a result, oscar More

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girl on guy 90: comedian ron funches
— adorably hilarious chocolate chip comedy cookie

April 17, 2013

ron funches is a delight. which is confounding, because honestly, he shouldn’t be. ron has gone through a lot. rough neighborhood. rougher school. escaping one abusive step-parent only to be hounded by another. even a thwarted attempt on his life. through it all, ron found refuge in comedy, developing a skewed perspective on the world More

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girl on guy 89: richard roeper
— movie man

April 10, 2013

richard roeper always wanted to be a newsman. so much so that he wrote and placed his first piece while he was in middle school. richard knew what he wanted, and he went after it, pitching stories to local papers while still a teen, then interning, sweeping up, answering phones, taking notes, anything to be More

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girl on guy 88: steven yeun
— post-apocalyptic badass

April 1, 2013

steven yeun’s life has been a series of happy accidents. lucky breaks. twists of fate. each moment, seemingly discrete and unconnected, leading somehow to an unexpected opportunity, an extraordinary experience. not that he hasn’t worked extremely hard. trained. performed. honed his craft. put in his dues, and had his fair share of disappointments. but somehow, More

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girl on guy 87: minnesota viking chris kluwe
— beautifully unique sparklepony

March 27, 2013

minnesota vikings punter chris kluwe believes deeply in freedom. he believes in it so deeply, so thoroughly, that when he sees it being infringed upon, he gets angry. and one day in 2012, after a certain maryland politician wrote to the baltimore ravens, excoriating lineman brendan ayanbadejo for supporting marriage equality for gays, chris got furious. More

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girl on guy 86: jesse williams
— good guy done way better

March 20, 2013

jesse williams is a handsome, talented guy who stars on one of television’s biggest hit series. admit it. you’d probably like to hate him. unfortunately for you, that’s an exercise in futility. jesse is nice. easygoing. funny. self-deprecating. a hard worker in a business of complainers. a man dedicated to service, who wants to do More

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girl on guy 85: maria bamford
— whirling comedy dervish

March 12, 2013

maria bamford is furious. she is smart, an delicate, and charming, and self-aware, and lovely, and hilarious, and artistic. and she is totally fucking enraged. this is one of the best and most compelling episodes of girl on guy ever. it is honest and difficult and wonderful, confounding and enlightening. honest, surprising, unforgettable. much like More

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girl on guy 84: kevin smith
— supreme commander of the smodstar

March 5, 2013

kevin smith has done a lot of stuff. a lot. directed ten films. produced nine others. built a media empire singlehandedly out of drive, enthusiasm and sheer ballsy will. kevin is prolific, he is driven, he is unstoppable. except that kevin is stopping. directing films, at least. that’s what he says. he claims he’s lost the More

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girl on guy 83: comedian cash levy
— cashing in with tj miller

February 27, 2013

cash levy and aisha are old friends. they started doing standup together. weathered the trenches, the slings and arrows, the deeply scarring psychological trauma of being baby comedians — enduring insult and injury from contemptuous club owners and contemptible audiences alike — leaning on their colleagues for comfort, and occasionally for money to buy beer. More

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girl on guy 82: sam ross
— shitkicking cocktail cowboy

February 19, 2013

sam ross makes drinks for a living. it’s not the easiest job in the world — long hours, deafening music, surly patrons — but honestly, it doesn’t suck. sam ross is a bartender at one of the most exclusive bars in the country, milk and honey, a place almost as hard to find as it More

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girl on guy 81: w. kamau bell
— bespectacled provocateur, powerpoint maven, late night subversive

February 12, 2013

w kamau bell came to comedy the long way around. he stated comedy late. developed his craft slowly. stumbled upon his comedic voice almost by accident. and after years of doing standup that by his own account was just okay, kamau finally developed a one-man show where he could talk about what he really wanted More

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girl on guy 80: eugene mirman
— underground comic scientist

February 4, 2013

few comedians understand the value of free speech like eugene mirman. his scientist parents fled government oppression and censorship in pre-glasnost russia. they eventually settled in massachusetts, where a young eugene was not only strange because he was a weird kid into science and language and difficult prose, but because, as his classmates would often More

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girl on guy 79: chris d’elia
— ninja leading man bear cub

January 28, 2013

despite all his efforts to the contrary, chris d’elia was destined to be an arty fuck. from the time he was little, he thought of every moment, every room or situation, as an opportunity for comedy. as a toddler he idolized jerry lewis and thought of every bedtime as a shot to crack up his More

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girl on guy 78: comedian eddie ifft
— shit talker

January 21, 2013

eddie ifft is battle tested. he has lived through fan attacks. google bombs. anguished managerial breakups. surly audience revolts. festival failures. feature film crashes. and one very tenacious girlfriend from hell. all of this might have crushed a weaker man. turned him to paste. sent him running for a day job in a safer, more More

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girl on guy 77: top chef antonia lofaso
— black market liquor bar; culinary all-star

January 17, 2013

antonia lofaso has always loved to cook. from the time she was young she would make meals — for her italian-american family, for her friends, for whomever would eat her food. granted, sometimes the meals were centered around hot dogs, but they were grand repasts nonetheless, and cooked with passion. as she grew up and More

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girl on guy 76: kunal nayyar
— big bang theorist

January 8, 2013

like the character he plays on tv, kunal nayyar is a nice guy. smart. polite. industrious. well-dressed. enjoys musical theater. more than willing to put in the long years of grueling training and hard work needed to succeed in the entertainment business. luckily for kunal, he didn’t have to. kunal’s first network audition was a More

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girl on guy 75: the first annual awesome listener question show
— querypocalypse

December 31, 2012

you asked for it, you got it. by popular demand, aisha answers as many of your questions as she can get to in an hour and a half (or something like that). plus aisha reads your list of suggested names for the new girl on guy headquarters and picks one, or at least narrows it More

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girl on guy 74: isaiah mustafa
— the man your man could smell like

December 24, 2012

for the last day of christmas, girl on guy gives to thee, the old spice guy. he’s the man your man could smell like, and so very much more. yes, you or your man could smell awesome like this man. but for you or your man to be awesome like this man, you’ve got to More

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girl on guy 73: rove mcmanus
— aussie late night phenom

December 20, 2012

rove mcmanus is delightful. a bit too delightful to tolerate. cheery, hardworking, focused, self-effacing, funny without trying, friendly without being treacly, dazzled by such simple things as turkey wraps and candied yams — rove is entirely too lovely to be a late night personality, let alone one of australia’s most well-known and beloved comedians, host More

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girl on guy 72: seth green
— futuristic hustler

December 10, 2012

seth green loves the future. from the time seth was little, he wanted to be a superhero — to comprehend science, slice through time and space, beat back the cloak of evil, master the complexities of human interaction. since this was not possible with the technology available to him at the time, seth did the More

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girl on guy 71: felicia day
— writer. producer. actor. gamer. very full bunny.

December 4, 2012

felicia day is undisputedly the reigning nerd empress of our time. and she had the punishing childhood to prove it. homeschooled by a counterculture mother who believed public schools couldn’t hack it, felicia grew up precocious, accelerated, self-starting and socially isolated. she loved computers, was an early adopter — logging on to billboards in between More

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girl on guy 70: ryan sickler
— live from the la podcast fest

November 26, 2012

if the adage is true — that tragedy plus time equals comedy — then ryan sickler has paid his dues on the left side of the equation. raised in baltimore, a town which one doesn’t leave so much as escape, he lost his father when he was a teen, was thrown into the street by More

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girl on guy 69: dave attell
— comedy sharpshooter. porn connoisseur. teatime delight.

November 19, 2012

dave attell likes porn. he doesn’t care who knows it. years on the road as one of the country’s premier standup comedians left dave with an abundance of free time. he has used that time to become a porn connoisseur, specifically porn of a vintage provenance. if it was originally released on VHS, reel-to-reel, laserdisc More

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girl on guy 68: kevin allison
— story teller, risk taker

November 13, 2012

kevin allison didn’t come out until he was an adult. he knew he was gay from the time he was three years old. but kevin came from a midwestern, deeply catholic family, and while he knew who he was on the inside, it felt dangerous to express it on the outside. coming out was a More

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girl on guy 67: saul williams
— poet. artist. emcee. amethyst rock star.

November 6, 2012

saul williams has always stood out. from the time he was young, he was different. he didn’t look like everyone else. he didn’t think like everyone else. he was too thoughtful. too politically conscious. too outspoken. too skinny. too dark. and others made a point of letting him know it. but what everyone else saw as More

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girl on guy 66: tom papa
— wild-eyed dreamer, comedy machine

October 30, 2012

tom papa is a dreamer. from the time he was a little kid in jersey, he gazed upon the skyline of manhattan and dreamed of being part of it. doing what, he had no idea. but the kid was bright-eyed, the kid had dreams, and the kid was going to follow them, no matter what. More

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girl on guy 65: matt iseman
— medical doctor, dorito lover, go-to guy

October 24, 2012

matt iseman has always been a go-to guy. hardworking, wholesome, good looking, matt would be the kind of guy to make women swoon and men key his car, if he wasn’t so freakishly great to hang out with. smart enough to earn a medical degree, good looking enough to get the girl, self-effacing enough to More

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girl on guy 64: jim rash
— southern gentleman, rabble rouser

October 15, 2012

jim rash looks funny. that’s not to say he’s funny looking, or unattractive, or has an oddly shaped head — he is a lean and rakish southern gentleman. jim is a guy that, when you look at him, you think, “man. i bet that dude is hilarious.” and he is. a veteran of the groundlings More

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girl on guy 63: kevin heffernan
— comedy powerhouse, human jelly donut

October 9, 2012

kevin heffernan will do anything for comedy. wear a ridiculous mustache. affect an absurd accent. drink a vat of beer the size of a volkswagen van. strip off his clothes and cover his naked body in powdered sugar. when it comes to comedy, the man is highly motivated, totally committed, and utterly without shame. kevin More

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girl on guy 62: jared padalecki
— nice guy demon hunter

October 1, 2012

jared padalecki’s life is full of awesome. he threw away a potential career as an engineer to become an actor, and then was almost immediately cast on a huge network show. he’s been on not one, but two long-running drama series. his current show, supernatural — once pegged for cancellation — has a wild-eyed, growing More

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girl on guy 61: shirley manson
— rock and roll whirlwind

September 27, 2012

shirley manson doesn’t have time for bullshit. she is busy making art. the brilliant and striking garbage frontwoman is done with pleasantries. after a seven year break, one of the biggest rock bands in modern history is back with a new album and a new tour, and they are everything you remember about the band More

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girl on guy 60: nathan fillion
— actor, gamer, gentleman rogue

September 17, 2012

nathan fillion is a charming and rakish scoundrel. you can empty the barrel of superlatives at him —  raffish, affable, beguiling, genial, sly musical stylist. he is funny, self-deprecating, easygoing, laid back, a bro. nathan is a guy men like and women like to be around. (he was a spaceship captain, for chrissakes. it doesn’t get More

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girl on guy 59: chris henchy
— funny or die, gary sanchez, the campaign

August 7, 2012

chris henchy always wanted to be a comedian. but he was also a practical guy. so he finished high school. went to college. got a job. packed a lunch. wore a suit. but try as he might to toe the line, he couldn’t get comedy out of his head. so he finally moved to new More

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girl on guy 58: jay chandrasekhar
— broken lizard, super troopers, the babymakers

July 31, 2012

broken lizard’s comedy is of such jagged intensity, such wild-eyed abaondon and balls-driven ferocity without regard for rule or consequence, that one can’t help but think it was formed over some kind of boozy weekend blitzkrieg that ended with everyone parting in silent shame, stumbling into the dawn light without eye contact. and that’s not More

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girl on guy 57: rupaul charles
— rupaul’s drag race, drag u, supermodel of the world

July 25, 2012

in the world of drag, there is one queen who rises above all others. one who leads, defines and transcends the genre of cross dressing, leaving all them other sad bitches floundering in his glitter-strewn wake. he defines glamour. embodies fabulosity. he is the tip and the peak and the sharp end of the spear More

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girl on guy 56: dana white
— president, ultimate fighting championship

July 18, 2012

if ufc president dana white looks like he might’ve had it rough growing up, it’s because he did. dana grew up in a las vegas that was less sinatra, steaks, and luck and more street fights and brickbats amidst sweltering heat. finally escaping a city where high school rivalries were settled with mass brawls, and More

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girl on guy 55: chuck klosterman
— live from st. george

July 11, 2012

chuck klosterman is a curious guy. maybe it was a childhood of physical isolation on a rural farm outside a satellite of a satellite of fargo, north dakota. maybe it was an adolescence of cultural isolation, fixated so rigorously on heavy metal that he hid his first REM album in a sock drawer to keep More

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girl on guy 54: lisa kudrow
— comedy PhD

July 3, 2012

if you are lucky enough to speak with lisa kudrow for longer than thirty seconds, you are immediately struck by how smart she is. not in that presentational, “here’s how many words I know, feel free to hit up wikipedia later to clear up any murky bits” way. more like in an “i know a More

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girl on guy 53: ken marino
— burning love, children’s hospital, the state

June 27, 2012

when he was young, ken marino was one of those unique kids who swung both ways: he played sports and he loved theater. eventually, his coach gave him an ultimatum. he couldn’t be an athlete and also do musicals (coach failed to see the raw athleticism inherent in ‘pippin’). ken had a choice: be a More

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girl on guy 52: cedric yarbrough
— reno 911, the boondocks, black dynamite

June 19, 2012

when you dig into a comedian’s past, you often find gritty, turbulent, even dark beginnings. in cedric yarbrough’s case however, the beginnings were quite opposite. cedric grew up in the midwest. enjoyed a bright, sunny, suburban childhood in safe suburban minnesota. came of age surrounded by friendly, welcoming neighbors in the land of 10,000 lakes. More

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girl on guy 51: jonathan silverman
— everything. seriously.

June 10, 2012

when you say the name jonathan silverman, invariably, people say they know who he is. but if you ask them where they know him from, they can’t always narrow it down. a brat pack rom-com? some murky bret easton ellis adaptation? a sparkly 90s sitcom? do it now. try to figure it out. truthfully, people More

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girl on guy 50: talib kweli
— virtuoso emcee

June 5, 2012

when rap luminaries want to pay respect to the most influential lyricists of our time, like as not, they name-drop talib kweli. after underground success with mood and reflection eternal, kweli exploded onto the scene as one-half of the seminal collaboration black star. and while that one-off effort with mos def produced just a single More

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girl on guy 49: comedian jo koy
— chelsea lately, tonight show, comedy central

May 30, 2012

comedian jo koy is having trouble sleeping. not the kind of trouble you have sleeping. jo doesn’t toss and turn or need a drink of water. he doesn’t need an extra blanket. he doesn’t have to pee. jo suffocates, slowly, on his own flesh, one breath at a time, all night long. jo chokes to More

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girl on guy 48: anthony bourdain
— no reservations, the layover, your mom’s kitchen

May 22, 2012

anthony bourdain lives exactly the life you think he does. he travels the world relentlessly. sleeps late without guilt. drinks copiously at noon. dines wildly at midnight. eats rarified foods and washes them down with oceans of booze. curses, unfettered, at friend and foe alike. he also gets stranded in airports. blinded by piercing intestinal More

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girl on guy 47: time columnist joel stein

May 15, 2012

when time magazine columnist joel stein found out he was having a baby boy, he didn’t build a hope chest, assemble a crib, buy cigars, or start a college fund. his response was much more visceral, more authentic, and very immediate. he freaked the fuck out. joel was having a boy, and he worried he More

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girl on guy 46: scott thompson
— the kids in the hall, larry sanders

May 9, 2012

there are few sketch groups as beloved, as seminal, as devastatingly funny or as fully off-kilter as the kids in the hall. a whirlwind of wildly imaginative characters, intense absurdity, and bold sexual farce, the canadian squad burst onto american television from the north and dominated american television, first airing on HBO and later moving More

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girl on guy 45: wayne brady
— whose line is it anyway, the wayne brady show, how I met your mother, let’s make a deal

May 1, 2012

wayne brady works harder than you. he makes it look easy; being able to effortlessly move from sketch comedy to music, dancing, acting, improvising entire songs in minutes, performing on broadway, touring nationally, and hosting one of the most well-known game shows on television. the dude’s got an arsenal, and in his hands it seems More

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girl on guy 44: jay mohr
— mohr stories, a crapload of movies and tv

April 23, 2012

jay mohr is the kind of guy who can’t turn it off. his mind, and his mouth, go a mile a minute. always thinking, always joking, always pitching, jay’s performances are an assault, alternately wildly presentational, savagely personal and devastatingly, piercingly filthy. when comedians are in the room jay kills the audience and the back More

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girl on guy 43: comedian retta
— comedy central, parks and recreation

April 17, 2012

standup comedian retta (née marietta sirleaf) defies stereotype. an unapologetic science nerd who once held physics parties, in high school retta joined the cheerleading squad, excelled in math, and still found time to befriend both the jocks and the burnouts. in college she killed at pre-med, organized campus symposia, drank with the basketball team, and More

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girl on guy 42: baratunde thurston
— digital director, the onion; author, how to be black; vigilante pundit

April 10, 2012

with a first name like his, you might make a bunch of assumptions about who baratunde thurston is. where he came from. what he’s done. you’d be totally wrong. a graduate of sidwell friends who later got his degree in philosophy from harvard, worked as a corporate consultant, moonlighted as a blogger and standup comedian, More

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girl on guy 41: chef david myers
— comme ça, david myers café, chef ablaze

April 3, 2012

david myers floated into becoming a chef the way a shark floats into a sea-slick of chum: aggressively, with a frenzy both terrifying and awesome. an upstart who prizes hard work, aggression, and relentless vision over traditional vocational training, david pursued his dream of creating extraordinary dining experiences with something akin to bloodlust. from the More

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girl on guy 40: evan glodell
— mad scientist, wild-eyed dreamer, director (bellflower)

March 27, 2012

evan glodell’s is a cinderella story. if cinderella was a dude, had a childhood filled with near-death brushes with explosives, dug around in abandoned factories for spare parts to make electrified car seats, dropped out of high school, spent his rootless twenties selling blood for beer money, moved to hollywood and spent three homeless years More

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girl on guy 39: dana gould
— comic supernova

March 21, 2012

there is no one with even a passing interest in standup comedy that does not know dana gould. a man who by his own admission was honing his art as a toddler, dana has been a killer standup for longer than many of us have been alive. and those years have produced an inspired artist More

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girl on guy 38: jimmy pardo
— never not funny podcast, conan, name hubris

March 12, 2012

with a name like jimmy pardo, it seems foregone this man would one day become a comedian. yet jimmy’s path to standup was tortured and circuitous, set upon by unsupportive audiences, angry bosses, judgmental family members and a very long, very explosive bout with alcohol. jimmy made it through all of this funnier than ever, More

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girl on guy 37: rich eisen
— espn, nfl network, your mom’s house

March 8, 2012

you watch sports television 16 hours a day. you obssess about it. sweat during it. rant over it. scream at it. weep uncontrollably in front of it. you feel confident you could do a better job than the slobs in suits yammering about random stats behind that gaudy neon desk… but let’s face it, you More

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girl on guy 36: gary anthony williams
— the boondocks, malcolm in the middle, boston legal, harold and kumar

February 28, 2012

there are few comedic actors out there more consistently funny than gary anthony williams. period. a guy who can claim he grew up a “poor black child” without any trace of irony, gary started out as a theater and sketch actor after throwing away his childhood dream of becoming a trucker, just to spite others. More

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girl on guy 35: peter facinelli
— actor, writer, producer, vampire patriarch

February 21, 2012

peter facinelli is not who you think. the first-generation american son of italian immigrants met as teens and married young, peter didn’t grow up fancy. his dad worked three jobs to provide for his family. peter grew up painfully shy, not a grandstander, no showboat, a good catholic boy who rode a bus across town More

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girl on guy 34: tom lennon and ben garant
— the state, viva variety, reno 911

February 15, 2012

tom lennon and ben garant have had it tough. you may not be able to tell from their delicate hands and soft exteriors, but tom and ben have had to weather an inexhaustible litany of personal challenges. they first met in a pre-bloomberg new york, when bandits and hookers roamed freely, muggings were an every More

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girl on guy 33: comedian dwayne perkins

February 7, 2012

dwayne perkins is an international man of comedic mystery. a dry, thoughtful comic who got his start in the rough trade of the new york comedy scene, dwayne worked his way up through the ranks the old fashioned way — he earned it. diametrically different from the bombast and rant so popular in comedy today, More

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girl on guy 32: greg proops
— standup, improv comic, smartest man in the world

February 1, 2012

greg proops may just be the smartest man in the world. a veteran standup comedian and improv comic who has performed all over the globe, greg has made the art of delivering thoughtful, incisive, personal comedy seem effortless, if not downright alchemical. raised in the san francisco bay area (this girl’s hometown), greg honed his More

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girl on guy 31: andy richter
— late night monster talent

January 23, 2012

in the nuclear meltdown that was NBC’s spectacularly aborted effort to rejigger its late night lineup, the person that may have been heard from least is andy richter, conan’s compatriot and erstwhile sidekick. yet his take on those events is unvarnished, unflinching, and deliciously uncensored. exuding a midwestern charm so heady he could weaponize it, More

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girl on guy 30: margaret cho
— comedian, actress, singer, hell-raiser

January 16, 2012

margaret cho is a warrior. a comedian who started making people laugh before she was old enough to patronize the clubs she performed in, margaret has challenged cultural norms while making people laugh for more than two decades. along the way she has eviscerated stereotypes: about what it means to be female, to be asian, More

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girl on guy 29: touré
— author, music critic, novelist, enfant térrible

January 10, 2012

it would be a coy understatement to say that touré is a controversial writer. he’s been excoriated in social media, screamed at by political talking heads, dismissed by intellectual hardliners and vilified by pop-culture mavens. to some he’s too political, too strident, too incendiary, too black. to others, he’s a crossover hotshot, a mainstream conformist, More

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girl on guy 28: george stroumboulopoulos
— strombo tonight on the cbc

January 3, 2012

george stromboulopoulos is a very unlikely celebrity. he wasn’t discovered by a hollywood agent. he didn’t write himself a million dollar check while living in his car. he doesn’t have a sex tape. hell, you can’t even pronounce the guy’s name (save yourself the agony — just call him strombo.) what george stromboulopoulos is, is More

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girl on guy 27: world poker champion joe hachem

December 21, 2011

australian joe hachem has a great story. the best kind of story, in fact. the kind of cinderella story we americans love: a regular joe with a regular life — wife and kids, a chiropractic practice — discovers a hobby he loves, and turns it into a job, then into a calling… and then he More

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girl on guy 26: silversun pickups
— la indie rock phenoms

December 11, 2011

the rock music firmament is an intemperate and dangerous place. bands are concepted every day, logos designed, t-shirts printed before they’ve ever played one live show. driven by the corporate marketing machine they rocket to notoriety, enjoy a few brief moments of incandescence, then hurtle back towards ground. silversun pickups are wholly different. the musicians More

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girl on guy 25: jean grae
— indie mc extraordinaire

December 6, 2011

the hip-hop game is upside-down. rave djs produce alt-rap mashups and spin them for straight-edge teens in shanghai. rich kids bump it at the mall while drinking vegan smoothies. the grit and slice of street life has been traded in for t-shirt lines and multiple maybachs. and everywhere, the crushing effect of corporate influence can More

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girl on guy 24: tom morello
— the nightwatchman, rage against the machine, audioslave, street sweeper social club

November 30, 2011

tom morello was probably destined to be in a rock band. from feeling like an outsider in his small midwestern town to having his heart broken by an exotic older woman while in college to having an almost crippling dedication to musical excellence, tom was batting a thousand in terms of teenage angst. but tom More

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girl on guy 23: travis rice
— world champion snowboarder

November 22, 2011

people love to throw the word “extreme” around. extreme energy drinks. extreme comedy. extreme clothing. extreme tortilla chips.but none of these have dropped 300 feet from a rock cornice into the unknown and icy below. as one of snowboarder magazine’s top twenty most influential riders, travis rice has. at the ripe old age of eighteen More

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girl on guy 22: robert kirkman
— creator, the walking dead

November 13, 2011

there are a lot of royalty in the nerd world. intergalactic warriors. elven kings. cloak-wearing magi. chris hardwick. but if there is one single nerd king inhabiting this lowly realm who has seemingly overnight ascended to the iron throne of nerd primacy, it is robert kirkman.a kid who grew up in a small town in More

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girl on guy 21: army corporal jeremy kuehl

November 10, 2011

when we talk about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, we talk a lot about numbers. number of troops in the field. number of years on the ground. number of dollars spent. number of american soldiers killed or wounded. we rarely focus on the actual soldiers, american men and women who have made intense personal More

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girl on guy 20: neil fallon of clutch

November 6, 2011

every kid dreams of being a rock star. they buy the guitar. wear the clothes. paint their nails black. generally act like a douche. and never actually do any of the work it takes to get there. yeah, most kids dream about being rock stars. most kids are posers.for two decades, clutch has done the More

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girl on guy 19: the luna brothers
— girls, ultra, the sword, spider-woman

October 31, 2011

sibling rivalry can be a powerful thing. on occasion it results in toy mutilation or fisticuffs. in the case of jonathan and joshua luna, it has produced an artistic partnership that is both dazzling and prolific. published by image comics, the same imprint as drawn fiction titans robert kirkman (walking dead) and todd mcfarlane (spawn), More

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girl on guy 18: sal masekela
— espn x-games, the daily 10

October 24, 2011

if you don’t know sal masekela by name, you definitely know him by sight. the face of extreme sports on ESPN for more than a decade, including their wildly popular x-games, sal definitely stands out. in the extreme sports world — typically a sea of almost entirely homogenous faces — sal is that ‘black dude More

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girl on guy 17: adam savage
— mythbusters

October 17, 2011

when adam savage was a little boy, he built complex cities out of legos, and dreamed of one day unleashing his awesome powers of construction on the world. now, years later, he builds much bigger, much better structures… and then blows them all to shit.a veteran effects man and model builder who spent critical years More

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girl on guy 16: ben gleib
— chelsea lately, the late late show, last call with carson daly

October 10, 2011

ben gleib is a young comedian, still reveling in the heady salad days of his career. since his television debut (in college, no less) he has been on a slow, steady and inexorable rise to the top. young ben gleib is funny. young ben gleib is earnest. young ben gleib is steeped in the fresh-faced More

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girl on guy 15: randy and jason sklar
— sklarbro country, cheap seats, the jim rome show

October 7, 2011

most comedy teams never make it far, doomed to fall prey to the vagaries of ego, ‘creative differences’ and the inevitable coke-fueled downward spiral towards a failed 70s rock album and subsequent job as a clinically depressed mall security guard.the sklar brothers are unique. not only have they been a comedy team since they were More

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girl on guy 14: questlove
— the roots, late night with jimmy fallon

October 4, 2011

to innovate is difficult. to innovate in hip-hop is almost impossible. to quote questlove, “no rap group makes it past the ninth record.”to constantly innovate while remaining influential, relevant and plain badass over 19 years in the rap game is a feat only multiple grammy-winning band the roots have accomplished, while maintaining their creative integrity More

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girl on guy 13: judy greer and amber nash
— archer

September 26, 2011

judy greer may play cheryl/carol/cristal on archer, but this is just a tiny waystop on a murderous cross-country rampage (metaphorically speaking). the woman has been in everything, and i mean everything. from huge romantic blockbusters to edgy underground films to sparkly network sitcoms, judy never stops working. maybe it’s because she’s cute, maybe it’s because More

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girl on guy 12: maggie q
— nikita, priest, die hard 4, mission impossible 3

September 23, 2011

maggie q is tougher than you. don’t take it personally. she’s tougher than most’s not just that she left home alone at seventeen for asia without knowing one word of chinese, or that she slept on a stranger’s floor for a year while fighting constant rejection and abuse from agents, or that she told More

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girl on guy 11: cliff bleszinski
— design director, epic games

September 20, 2011

cliff bleszinski (aka @therealcliffyb) started designing video games when he was just a little dude. since then cliff has applied his mad genius to some of the most seminal video game franchises of our time, including unreal tournament, lost planet, bulletstorm, and this girl’s favorite, gears of war. cliff is now a very, very big More

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girl on guy 10: chris parnell
— saturday night live, 30 rock, archer

September 13, 2011

chris parnell seems almost too nice for hollywood. earnest, hardworking, polite, restrained, not a dick — these are not qualities that normally accompany the weapons grade hilarity chris brings to his work. but from ascending to manager at a television station while still in high school (impressive) to nabbing a plum job at fao schwarz More

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girl on guy 09: chris hardwick
— the nerdist, web soup, attack of the show

September 6, 2011

in a parallel universe, aisha tyler would be a bizarro chris hardwick. or maybe chris hardwick would be a bizarro aisha tyler. either way, once they crossed the space-time barrier and met face to face, there would probably be some kind of highly inappropriate yet visually tantalizing rift-generating physical mashup. to wit: both are standup More

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girl on guy 08: jackie kashian
— the dork forest, comey central, bob and tom show

September 2, 2011

jackie kashian barely escaped childhood with her least, that’s how she tells it. and she tells it hilariously. the “youngest of six children, and raised by wolves… that meant well and did their best,” jackie has used her feral, lupine childhood experiences to fuel a career as a nationally touring comedian, hilarious writer, and More

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girl on guy 07: paul f. tompkins
— the pod f.tompkast, the best week ever, mr show with bob and david

August 30, 2011

paul f. tompkins is a very funny, very natty fellow. paul dresses more nicely than you. in fact, he dresses more nicely than 99 percent of americans (but strangely, only 39 percent of nordic peoples, who are very fancy). best known for his extraordinarily smart, personal standup material and extended, wide-ranging, mind-blowing live comedy riffs, More

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girl on guy 06: bill burr
— chappelle's show, opie and anthony, 'why do i do this'. 'let it go'

August 23, 2011

bill burr is that smartass guy from chappelle’s show. bill’s podcast is one of the longest-running on iTunes. bill’s getting ready to shoot his third one-hour comedy special. bill is about to play carnegie-freaking-hall. bill is one of the funniest motherf*ckers around. period. bill and aisha met fifteen years ago when they both worked out More

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girl on guy 05: zachary levi
— chuck, the nerd machine

August 19, 2011

zachary levi is a nice guy. but that doesn’t mean he won’t shoot you in the face if he has to. on this point, aisha and zac fully agree (on halo, anyway). in fact, zac and aisha seem, in many ways, to have been separated at birth. both are strangely tall. both love video games, More

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girl on guy 04: adam carolla
— the adam carolla show

August 16, 2011

adam carolla is not fucking around.from the minute he pulled himself, phoenix-like, from the ashes of his former life as a carpenter/boxing coach/beer drinking ne’er-do-well, adam’s been working like a spartan. from loveline to the man show to crank yankers to the adam carolla show, nothing has stopped him, including having his wildly successful syndicated More

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girl on guy 03 : adam reed
— archer, frisky dingo, sealab 2021

August 9, 2011

aisha and adam have a long, fraught history. it started when aisha was on talk soup and became obsessed with a brilliant little adult cartoon called sealab 2021, which featured characters from 70s eco-cartoon sealab 2020 doing terrible things to each other, themselves, and a mop handle dressed like a fashionable lady.flash forward. aisha and More

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girl on guy 02: brett erlich
— infomania, rotten tomatoes, viral video film school

August 2, 2011

brett erlich and I have a lot in common. we both grew up in california. we both hosted low-production value basic cable shows with a rabid cult following. and we both love a good poop joke. brett is hilarious and has hosted not one, but two shows on al gore’s current network: rotten tomatoes, which More

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